We Know That Too Many People Are Suffering From Nagging Pains And Injuries.

Our team helps you feel better and heal properly through specific and effective care so you can live and perform in work, sports and life at your best.

Welcome to Better Chiropractic! The premier Gilbert, Arizona Chiropractic Clinic.

We are dedicated to helping you FEEL BETTER, LIVE BETTER & PERFORM BETTER.

For low back pain relief, neck pain relief, headaches, sports injuries, dry needling, cupping and auto injuries we want to be your chiropractor. In addition to treating patients in the Gilbert, Arizona area, we also help patients in Queen Creek, Chandler, Mesa, Val Vista Lakes, Chandler Heights, and Power Ranch. 

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We understand that most patients that come to us are coming because they are in pain. We use cutting edge techniques and advanced treatments to get you feeling better and out of pain as quick as possible. The faster you feel better the happier you are and our goal of getting results is attained. We are committed to put your health before our wealth!

As a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and Physiotherapist, Dr. Bates is able to provide you advanced care that will get you feeling better faster. By distinguishing himself as a non-surgical spine specialists, he is able to provide the best care available conveniently to those in the Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Tempe, & Mesa areas.


When an injury occurs, the muscles involved with the injury shut off and begin to atrophy or shrink. If the muscles are not rehabbed properly you will continue to have reoccurring episodes of the initial problem. It is very common for people to suffer reoccurring episodes of neck and low back pain when it does not receive appropriate care.  Don't wait to get Better through sports chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy in Gilbert

Dr. Bates is a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.


It is estimated that 90% of all world class athletes utilize chiropractic care. There are many Physicians that attempt to treat athletes and guide them in improving there performance that are just not qualified. The information they have is out of date, falls short of what is needed, and simply put “just doesn’t work.”

Whether you are a weekend warrior looking to be more competitive or an athlete trying to make it to the next level in your sport, Better Chiropractic can help you accomplish it. The staff continues to study the latest research for performance enhancements and injury prevention to help you achieve your goals and Perform Better.

Our Awards

"This is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever visited.

Dr. Bates really cares about his patients well being and getting back to a fully functional physical life.

A huge shoutout to the entire masseuse staff, my favorite being Felicia. She really takes the time to understand your issues and is fantastic at working them out."

- Brian Rhodes // Gilbert, AZ

"I lived in pain for a year and a half. None of the treatment plans that I tried made any difference.

Dr. Bates came up with a personalized treatment plan and modified it throughout my treatment.

After just a few months, I am almost pain free! I highly recommend this facility for their high level of care and wonderful staff!

- Krysta Guzman // Gilbert, Arizona 

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