The Headache Epidemic

So many people suffer from headaches in our society today; estimates suggest as many as 50% of people will experience them in a given year. Now, while an occasional headache may not be such a horrible thing, plenty of those with headaches have dealt with them for a very long time. It can affect your work, mood, and eventually your daily life significantly if left unchecked. Luckily, there are strategies supported with evidence to help you find relief.


Now, while medications are a treatment commonly sought for headaches, meds—especially opioids—are not recommended. As a result of their side effects, which include not only addiction but (ironically) headaches, these should be avoided if possible. The best treatments for headache supported by research are the following:


·       Drinking Water. Dehydration is known to be one common cause of migraines. A glass of water can begin to relieve symptoms in as little as 30 minutes!

·       Getting appropriate rest. Evidence has revealed a strong connection between the amount of sleep you get and how often headaches occur.

·       Being adjusted. Many headaches occur as a result of muscle spasms in your neck. Chiropractic care can decrease that tension to relieve symptoms.


On a final note, we want to mention that there are other things you can do to help prevent certain headaches from happening in the first place.

For those that suffer from tension-type headaches, being aware of and correcting poor posture habits—especially as they relate to the head and neck—will reduce strain on muscles. Regular stretching and exercise will further support those changes. For migraines, get yourself an app such as Migraine Buddy to track your headaches and look for trigger patterns so that you can alter your lifestyle to avoid them.

So if you’re someone looking to get more natural relief from headaches, come on over to Better Chiropractic, where we have plenty of experience helping patients get over headaches in no time at all!