The Growing Support for Chiropractic by the Medical Community

People from all sides of the issuefrom patients to insurance companies and government agencies to providershave acknowledged openly the opioid epidemic. It has swept the nation leaving a large, regrettable footprint on the health of people all over. This is why more and more medical professionals are turning to conservative options first.

The largest medical group in the world, the American College of Physicians cemented this in guidelines published in 2017 when they openly recommended conservative care—which includes chiropractic—for the treatment of low back pain.

Additionally, more medical guidelines coming out discourage the use of Ibuprofen and muscle relaxers before trying conservative care. In fact, further research into management of many musculoskeletal conditions has revealed that medications such as acetominophen (a common pain reliever often used for headaches) is no better than placebo. (Placebo means receiving a fake treatment, such as a sugar pill, believing it is the real treatment.

Studies use this as a comparison for how well a treatment works.)

Today, medical professionals are working together with conservative and alternative medicine professionals such as Chiropractors to help patients get better in a safer manner. For years, Chiropractors have been ahead of their time as a driving force behind more effective, safe, and often superior options for managing musculoskeletal pain and injury.

Here are some facts that support the use of Chiropractic for pain relief:

  • The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality recommends spinal adjustments as the only safe, effective, and drugless initial treatment for back pain.
  • A new article published by the American Medical Association suggests Chiropractic as the preferred option for people with back pain.
  • SPINE Medical Journal discovered nearly 75% of patients found significant relief from their back pain when Chiropractic was added to their treatment, compared to 17% who received only traditional medical care.

If you are someone that takes or has taken some kind of medication for pain, call your Premier Gilbert Clinic, Better Chiropractic, today. We can give you a complimentary consultation to see if there’s a way to move you away from dependence on pills and therapy to independence. We want you to feel, live, and perform better!


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