The Danger of Opioids

Today our country is facing a drug epidemic beyond anything we’ve seen before—and the drugs in this case aren’t only legal, but prescribed by doctors. Yes, the opioid epidemic has affected over an estimated 2 million people, with abuse leading to nearly 50,000 deaths each year. Research shows that roughly 20% of those prescribed an opioid are at risk of addiction. But what makes it so addictive, and how did we get here?

Well for starters, in the 1990’s pharmaceutical companies began aggressive marketing campaigns directed not only at healthcare professionals, but in some cases directly to patients themselves. These campaigns were very successful. But what’s so dangerous about opioids? Opiates work by affecting specific chemicals in your brain responsible for blocking pain signals and increasing our sensation of pleasure. This combination is a perfect storm to open doors toward addiction.

So how do we overcome this danger? Luckily, there exist cost-effective ways of managing pain without having to prescribe these prescriptions. Chiropractic care is very affective at doing this, and it’s why we’re so passionate about trying to get our message out to the public. Additionally, medical doctors around the world have become aware of this issue and are trying to do their part in curbing the worldwide dependency. This is why Better Chiropractic is anxiously engaged in forming relationships with responsible physicians to give you the best care possible. Here are a few facts for you before you go:

  • An estimated 75% of deaths due to a drug overdose are opioid related
  • Fentanyl, an commonly prescribed opioid, is 50 times more potent than heroin
  • The medical community, including Better Chiropractic, is working hard to help people get relief without risk of addiction.